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DJ Hero.

Hello everyone. My LJ name of course is Rustytiger but everyone pretty much calls me Rusty. It's nice to meet you all :)

I would like to add some contribution to this group, if I may, a game I started playing that my boyfriend got for me as an early x-mas gift; DJ Hero.

It's a great game as in a way is similar to Guitar Hero-level of difficulty, down-loadable content, new tracks via unlocking,etc-with the difference you are using a turntable, not a guitar. You can also set it up to where you can play your Guitar Hero instrument on the game as DJ Hero itself has a few guitar mixes you can mess around with.

Overall its a wonderful game to and I look forward to playing with others who have this game and when I get my boyfriend copy so we can duo together :)

Anyhoo here is what to expect when playing:

Wale vs. Black Eyed Peas

The Killers vs Eric Prydz

Public Enemy vs. Beck

JAY-Z vs. Rick James

This is what happens when you get downloadable content on DJ Hero

Dare (Gorillaz) vs Truss (Public Enemy) *6 minute song*

And yes I'm insanely jealous of the author who aced this because this is on expert level! >.>

I have this for the PS3 (and I have ownership of Nintendo Wii in case anyone is wondering what systems I have), the regular version. We really couldn't get the Renegade Edition because it was sold out completely. The price tag for this is about $100 bucks, whereas the Renegade version goes for close to $150 dollars. It's rather steep, I know, but if you like the art of turntableisum or a fan of music games it's worth picking up.


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