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Fable II : See the Future (DLC)

The new DLC is here for Fable II: "See the Future"

Finally able to change my dog, I switched him to a Husky. Good dog! :D
The first part of the quest takes you into a world where the colors have gone and you need to bring them back.
Similar to the previous DLC "Knothole Island" you can collect certain items to unlock an achievement.

There are also some new funny achievements: Something for the hearts of completionists. ;)
The new added quests are fun, simple and enjoyable.
You get to see a mix of new and old places. Reusing assets is key.

The final challenge, the colosseum, isn't too difficult. I got the ultimate prize in my 2nd attempt.
Is the new DLC worth the download (price) ? If you enjoyed the previous one then yes. Otherwise you might want to stay away from it.

Playtime ranges from rushing 2 hours up to (est.) 10 hours inlcuding the achievements.

Now that I'm finally done with Fable II I can go on with some other games I have. xD

Pandemic II

Being a public health student, and having recently finished up my first year at UNC Chapel Hill, I gotta say that it gives me a sick sort of catharsis and satisfaction to play this game: Pandemic II

The goal is to choose one of three kinds of agents (virus, bacteria, or parasite; each with their own positives and negatives) and evolve your disease when it it is unleashed upon the earth with the sole goal of killing all of mankind. The game starts when you've chosen and named your disease and a random region of the earth (roughly divided countries/continents) is infected. Each region has hospitals, waterways, airports, borders, and shipyards that go about their regular business. Various natural disasters also hit the earth, and you can keep track of them with the "Breaking news" window. As your disease infects more people, you will gain "Evolution points" which you can spend by "purchasing" new symptoms and selling ones that you do not want, as well as adding vectors of disease (air, water, insects, or rats) and increasing resistances (cold, heat, moisture, and drug).

Symptoms contain various attributes, some of which greatly increase visibility of your disease (such as vomiting), increase the lethality (kidney failure), and infectiousness (coughing, sneezing). The strategy of the game is to allow the disease to spread without alarming world governments too early that they can begin taking preventative measures, such as closing down borders or developing a vaccine. You don't want your disease to kill to quickly, otherwise alarms will go off and the disease can't spread, but you don't want it to be too innocuous either.

Regardless, the game ends when you either have killed all of mankind or you've reached a point at which the disease is eliminated.

It has given me oodles of pleasure as it made me consider all the things I've learned about preventing good, strong diseases in populations. I gotta say, though--it's fun to play for the other team for a change.

Left 4 Free?

Beginning Friday at 12:01 am GMT, the PC version of Left 4 Dead will be available for a free 24-hour trial via Steam. The free trial will include access to the recently released Survival Pack DLC, which introduces a new multiplayer game mode and two additional Versus campaigns. Those who wish to give L4D and the Survival Pack a try may now pre-load everything needed to play with no obligation to purchase.
Just snag it via Steam and you're all set.

A game you must get..

Not sure if this was posted yet so thought I'd share. Its supposed to come out on the psp in August and I'm waiting for it as best I can. I like how they've done it from the bits I've seen. Hope you guys like the opening.

Fable II Knothole Island

After finishing the main game I had now the time to take care of the DLC.

Knothole Island - No spoilersCollapse )

Good Deal

Just an FYI if you have  a PC or a Mac Running Boot Camp and  ever wanted to get the Orange Box from Valve software, you can get it on steam all weekend long for $10

includes Half-Life® 2
Half-Life® 2: Episode One
Half-Life® 2: Episode Two,
Half-Life® 2: The Lost Coast
Team Fortress® 2, and

This is 66% of normal price... and you save $74 vs buying them individually.
Plus steam lets you gift out games you already own to friends if you want.

Lord of the Rings Online FREE WEEK

I  just recieved an email from The Lord of the Rings online:


It's our birthday, it is and we have a present for you!

Join the party at LOTRO and play for free during our second anniversary celebration welcome back week return to middle-earth from April 24th through April 30th and get access to preciousss savings.

1. Play your old charcters FREE

2. Get a 25% experience bonus all week long

3. Take advantage of the special anniversary subcription offer. Play LOTRO for $9.99 per month.

I'm thinking about trying the free week.  I'm sure others have recieved this offer too. Anyone?


Hey, anyone here on (or know of a) Lord of the Rings Online gay guild?

This past weekend was a "come back and play for free" and I must say I'm impressed with some of the changes they've made and have had a ton of fun playing it. My local friends (whom I still play EQ2 with) didn't really join me in this endeavor so I'm kind of probably up to my own devices as to finding groups to play with.

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Ubisoft sale

Starting with Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut, one Ubisoft title will be reduced in price by 50% each day, for one day only, exclusively on Steam.

Get in on the action here.

Howdy All!

Just got myself a Xbox 360 :) My Gamertag is Cubby Darkpaw so feel free to add me if yall wish!