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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I got the game from a friend. The game was a big positive surprise for me.
Great visuals, stunning settings and the entire game feels like an adrenaline rush.
The soundtrack is also awesome (parts done by Hans Zimmer).
Major part of the content is heavily scripted which is 70% good.

This would grant a 10 points but there are also negative aspects.

A very weak story...
...that is told in a cheap unspectacular way.
The sound mix (soundtrack almost not noticeable during game play).
The main story is way too short for a Triple-A price tag.
The scripting is annyoing 30%.

Makes a good 7 points and a game worth for every shooter fan.

DJ Hero.

Hello everyone. My LJ name of course is Rustytiger but everyone pretty much calls me Rusty. It's nice to meet you all :)

I would like to add some contribution to this group, if I may, a game I started playing that my boyfriend got for me as an early x-mas gift; DJ Hero.

It's a great game as in a way is similar to Guitar Hero-level of difficulty, down-loadable content, new tracks via unlocking,etc-with the difference you are using a turntable, not a guitar. You can also set it up to where you can play your Guitar Hero instrument on the game as DJ Hero itself has a few guitar mixes you can mess around with.

Overall its a wonderful game to and I look forward to playing with others who have this game and when I get my boyfriend copy so we can duo together :)

Anyhoo here is what to expect when playing:

Wale vs. Black Eyed Peas

The Killers vs Eric Prydz

Public Enemy vs. Beck

JAY-Z vs. Rick James

This is what happens when you get downloadable content on DJ Hero

Dare (Gorillaz) vs Truss (Public Enemy) *6 minute song*

And yes I'm insanely jealous of the author who aced this because this is on expert level! >.>

I have this for the PS3 (and I have ownership of Nintendo Wii in case anyone is wondering what systems I have), the regular version. We really couldn't get the Renegade Edition because it was sold out completely. The price tag for this is about $100 bucks, whereas the Renegade version goes for close to $150 dollars. It's rather steep, I know, but if you like the art of turntableisum or a fan of music games it's worth picking up.

Aion - My personal review

AION - The Tower of Eternity

Below I want to share my personal opinion on various aspects of the game that lead to my decision
to stay with another game.

Long text - youve been warned :DCollapse )

now on Xbox 360 too

Just got the 360 Elite at the new reduced price!

My PSN and Xbox Live ID is: UrsusMajorCA

"Your fear will be gone in a flash."

Dissidia demo on the PSN for the PSP. 5 playable chars on the demo. You know you want to play.

new to PS3 fun

Having some fun with my new PS3 here... only have a few games so far though! Civilization Revolution, Uncharted, Command and Conqueor: Red Alert 3

got the new Ratchet and Clank on pre-order! hah

Anyone play online? Civ?

Gay Gamers...HELP ME OUT!

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